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Are you feeling stuck, unclear, blocked, or like you're somehow holding yourself back?

I CAN HELP YOU have a true breakthrough.

You are invited to a 1:1 Private Soul Alignment Breakthrough Session

I'm ready for a BREAKTHROUGH!

In your 1:1 Private Soul Alignment Breakthrough Session, we will:

  • I. Reveal Your Resonate Goal so you are super clear and inspired about what you want to create. (This new, higher perspective shifts your energy!)

  • II. Assess Your Alignment, so you can see exactly what inner work you need to be free of your blocks, self-sabotage and limitations -- and align with your goal! At last you’ll understand why you’ve struggled — and how to transform it for good!

  • III. Receive a True Breakthrough -- guaranteed! You will feel the shift, and bring it out into your life through "inspired action." You'll also have an opportunity to work with Dr. Pamela more deeply!

  • Your Private Soul Alignment Breakthrough Session includes:


    Your Soul Alignment ASSESSMENT with Dr. Pamela Moss is held virtually & recorded for you, and includes your Assessment recap of results.


    Breakthroughs are inevitable when you tap into the wisdom beyond your conscious mind -- and take action! You'll leave with your clear, custom ACTION PLAN.


    Your breakthrough is guaranteed! You'll also receive spontaneous Soul Guidance from Dr. Pamela, to support you in moving forward powerfully.

    Rave Reviews:

    Clients Share Their Experiences

  • “Blew Me Away! Very Powerful Experience.”

    "Within the first few minutes of my Breakthrough Session I experienced a HUGE shift -- I was not aware of what was lurking in my subconscious, preventing me from earning the income I desired.

    I continued to experience more awakenings and shifts. Mind blowing work!

    When you want to trust someone and open blocks, I highly recommend Dr. Pamela Moss. Very professional person and very nurturing process."

    - Jo Ellen Newman, MBA Life and Business Coach
  • “I let go of staying small – Target called out of the blue to offer corporate sponsorship!”

    "I was at my wits end. I knew I was ready to step up, had an idea of what I can offer, yet I could not move forward...

    In my Breakthrough Session, I finally “GOT IT.” Pamela helped me see just how much value I offer; and I started to claim who I am.

    A month later, I re-launched The Dynamic U, took The Native Circle national, and finally owned what I’m worth! Now I’ve gathered a support team who are so enrolled in what I’m doing they help me for free. I highly recommend Pamela if you want the clarity and confidence to grow your dreams into reality!"

    - Laura K. Vannah, Founding Executive Director, The Native Circle Touch The Earth Festival

  • You are the bomb! My Breakthrough Session made a HUGE difference!”

    "After my awesome breakthrough with you, I was invited out of the blue to be a connector — connecting people with projects to be funded to a $900 billion dollar funding source.

    About 12 projects from my sources went in, one of which is $9 billion.The commissions on almost any of these will leave me never concerned with money again. Many thanks for your stellar session. It made a HUGE difference.”

    - Lorelei Fenton, Coach and Trainer -

  • Are you ready to break through all that's held YOU back?

    Get a Private Soul Alignment Breakthrough Session

    with Dr. Pamela Moss

    Investment $597 NOW JUST $197!

    I'm ready for a BREAKTHROUGH!

    More Client Breakthrough Session LOVE!

  • “Now I can own my work, speak about it articulately, and magnetize new clients to me! HUGE block broken up.”

    Less than 30 days after my Breakthrough Session — where we worked on my subconscious blocks to uncover and step into my calling — I have been able to own my work, speak to it, magnetize new contacts and articulate my results to these interested people. 

    And I just had 5 discovery calls in 24 hours!  I have never before been able to speak so articulately and straight to the person’s pain point, in a way that felt authentic and in integrity.

    - Chloë Rain, Explore Deeply

  • “Amazing and very powerful! I haven’t felt this way in a long time”

    Thank you so much for everything!!! I feel so light and great, I haven’t felt this way for a long time! I can’t wait to continue with you.

    You are such a blessing in my life and I am so glad the Universe put you on my path.

    - Ilona Berkoben MD

  • “Genuine, heart-centered approach, powerful techniques — I made big shifts in my life and business.

    “Before my Breakthrough Session I was unsure how to proceed with my business – I felt stuck, overwhelmed and unable to see how to move things forward.

    During the session, Pamela guided me to uncover the true source of my confusion. Her empowering and supportive approach allowed me to move through my limitations and tap into the insights that I needed.

    I chose to continue working with Pamela. Using the powerful techniques she teaches, I've been able to shift so many things – my business has improved; I came alive again after an intensely difficult year; and I’m making changes that I’ve wanted for a long time. Pamela has a genuine, authentic, and heard-centered approach, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a deep and powerful transformation in their business and life!

    - Melody Rae Jones, Wisdom Coach & Mentor

  • About Dr. Pamela Moss, Your Soul Guide

    Dr. Pamela Moss is the author of #1 international bestseller, The Soul Guide to a Magical Life and the Host of The BLOCK-Buster Show.

    For 14 years, she’s used her proprietary Soul Alignment System to help coaches, healers and consultants worldwide uplevel their mindset and dramatically grow their income, impact and leadership.

    Pamela is a master at removing the deep blocks that keep entrepreneurs from thriving.

    What clients say about

    Soul Alignment BREAKTHROUGH Sessions

    "From stuck and overwhelmed -- to lighter, clearer, more purposeful AND an action plan!"

    ~ Melodie Rae Jones, Wisdom Coach

    “SO valuable in bringing me back to my Heart and the business vision I was looking for!”

    ~ Shauna VanderHoek, Consultant, Your Business On Cruise™

    "A Truly Amazing Experience! I have never been more motivated in my life to achieve my vision for my life."

    ~ Tracy Higginbotham, President of WomenTies


    Who is this Soul Alignment Breakthrough Session for?

    Coaches, Healers, Mentors, Speakers, Therapists and Consultants who sense you have inner obstacles to achieving your goals and dreams...

    You understand your subconscious mind determines 90% of your results.

    So you know there is no wiser investment than upleveling your mindset, for it affects EVERYTHING you think about and do (or fail to do), and how you feel.

    You are READY to remove all inner resistance and align your subconscious mind with your goals... so you can stop struggling!  And enjoy your next level of confidence, income, impact, leadership, and peace of mind.


    Email your questions to [email protected]. Or text 607-372-1676. We'll respond within 2 business days.


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